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Alvin Freestand

Alvin Free-Stand counterbalanced handrail system provides a hands free protection solution for worker safety at height. It is quick and easy to install and can be used on virtually any flat roof surface. Counterbalanced arms and uprights have 3mm fluted rubber pads that hold the system firmly in place without any damage to the integrity of the roof surface itself.

Aesthetics and ease of installation are crucial factors in the systems design. The use of quality galvanised steel tubing gives the assurance of strength while also establishing a visual subtlety that won't conflict with the appearance of the building on to which it is placed. Similarly, the wide range of available components enables the system layout to be configured to ideally suit the collective protection need. The posts can be spaced at a maximum distance of 2.5 meters apart.

Low profile counterbalanced arms provide a minimum trip hazard.

Our Standard system is 1m high.
See 'How To Design Your Freestand System' for your next steps.
(If you require a 1.1m high system please give us a call on 020 8254 2626)

Examples of Freestand

For a guide on how to design your freestand system, click on the tab in the menu bar above.

Key Features

• Alvin Free-stand is a non-penetrative barrier system for guarding users against falls from height.
• Designed in accordance with BS EN 13374:2004 as a Class A protection system.
• Rails and supports are made of galvanised steel tube to BS EN ISO 1461.
• Compact high strength low profile counterbalance arms.
• Rubber membranes on all surfaces coming into contact with roof hence maximising friction contact without damaging the roof surface.
• Ease of assembly.
• Can be assembled to provide a guarded walkway across a roof as well a roof edge guard.
• System can incorporate uninterrupted corner/angled protection.
• End sections can be fixed directly to a wall where appropriate or attach end weight attachment.
• Galvanised finish provides tough protection against the elements.
• Installation should be undertaken by suitably qualified and trained personnel only.
• Our standard system is 1m high, if you require a 1.1m system please give us a call on 020 8254 2626